Bug bounty to stall Baklava

I think it’s worth it to make a Celo leaderboard / gamifying / bug bounty to incentivize people to stress test Baklava with crazy transaction workloads and see if it can surface race conditions and consensus bugs.

The mainnet stall was latent concensus bugs / weaknesses surfaced as side effect of a new type of arb contract workload that used 100KB+ calldata size and fairly compute intensive transaction (more so I think its the calldata size that caused issue, less the CPU stress).

There may be other latent unfixed bugs in celo-blockchain client, and there may be regressions introduced in future code changes that make stalling possible.

I think we should encourage people to stress Baklava with interesting transaction workloads.

“frandepa” from Discord won the prize for stalling mainnet and surfacing the concensus weakness this time. He should get a bug bounty for it.

I’ll want to try to stress out Baklava after the new updates are rolled out and try to suss out any remaining concensus weak points.