Baklava Testnet Incentivized Community Challenge

Calling all Developers, Designers, Dreamers and Doers… The team working on Celo is excited to kick off the Incentivized Community Challenge for The Great Celo Stake Off (TGCSO), and reward community members for a variety of contributions to the Celo Protocol!

Celo has been fortunate to see enthusiasm around Phase 1 of TGCSO where chefs got a chance to “Learn to Cook” and gain operational experience on the Baklava testnet.

Those wishing to participate in the network beyond being a validator can earn the chance to receive Mainnet Celo Gold (not Baklava testnet Celo Gold, cGLD) through contributions outlined below! Contributors can submit multiple contributions throughout the competition, running until the end of The Great Celo Stake Off.

The number of Celo Gold Units within each program is determined by C Labs pending a review process. Final reward totals and information on details needed to receive your reward will be communicated at the end of TGCSO via email. Please ensure that you have registered for TGCSO here, review Terms and Conditions, and submission guidelines to ensure prompt reviews.


1. Technical Contributions (Up to 500 Celo Gold Units per contribution)

  • Contributing to technical documentation (creating, correcting, translating)
  • Contributing to existing Celo-monorepo and Celo-blockchain code (optimization, cleanup, extend feature, new feature, bug)
  • Contributing to tests (improving coverage)

Submitting Technical Contributions:

Please review the Contributing Guide before starting work. If you intend on submitting a contribution, submit your work in a PR (pull request) regularly and often to solicit feedback and to ensure everyone has an idea of what you’re working on. If you’ve just started, create a PR with “WIP” (Work In Progress) in the title and let the team know in the comments when it’s ready to review. For any large and immediate security bugs, please email [email protected].

2. Community Helper (Up to 500 Celo Gold Units total)

  • Helping the community by answering questions on discord and forum
  • Top helpers may be awarded a forum & discord badge if they earn more than 200 Celo Gold Units through Community Helper contributions over the duration of the TGCSO

Submitting Community Helper Contributions:

Contributors do not have to submit anything. Contributors will be awarded and notified at the discretion of the C labs team.

3. Educational Content Contributions (Up to 500 Celo Gold Units per contribution)

Submitting Educational Content Contributions:

Submit your content in this Educational Content Form. Visual and brand support is available to use in our Celo Brand Kit. For any questions, email [email protected] with the subject line “Community Challenge: Content.”


Community challenge rewards will be capped, in aggregate, not to exceed 500,000 Celo Gold at mainnet launch. Further, all contribution amounts are rewarded at the discretion of the C Labs team. The team cannot grant rewards in Celo Gold Units if prohibited in the Terms and Conditions. Please read Terms and Conditions to ensure your eligibility to participate.

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Note from Discord #stake-off channel on “desired” languages for the translations:

It’s Spanish, Chinese, Korean, and TBD Japanese for the moment(edited)