Adopting The Graph and 0xgraph for On-Chain Data Indexing

As Celo undertakes the transition to an L2, implementing robust on-chain data indexing is critical to enable a performant dApp ecosystem. Efficient indexing and querying are foundational for dApps to harness blockchain activity datasets. Furthermore, intuitive user experiences and comprehensive documentation are integral pillars within a proficient data indexing framework.

I propose adopting The Graph Network as the indexing standard underpinning Celo’s data infrastructure. The Graph has established itself as the gold standard for dApp indexing across EVM-compatible blockchains. Its battle-tested protocols provide Celo developers extensive documentation and tooling to build scalable applications leveraging indexed blockchain data.

Moreover, The Graph’s flexible architecture empowers developers to customize indexing tailored to novel Celo use cases, beyond conventional DeFi paradigms.

Integrating 0xgraph’s enterprise-grade infrastructure enhances The Graph’s native query efficiency and reliability. By operating on dedicated bare-metal servers rather than ephemeral cloud hosting, 0xgraph optimizes hardware control and reduces reliance on abstraction layers. This enables 0xgraph to maximize compute resource utilization and isolate query loads for consistent low-latency. Dedicated server access also allows precise optimization based on The Graph’s workload needs and efficient tool integration for index developers. Additionally, bare metal hosting provides stability by eliminating the noisy neighbor problem in shared cloud environments. The result is an indexing solution purpose-built for The Graph’s demands, capable of intensive workloads across EVM chains.

This would empower Celo to accommodate substantial growth in index usage and complexity with increasing adoption. Ormi Labs’ expertise operating The Graph stack will also prove valuable in maintaining Celo’s indexing infrastructure long-term.

By collaborating with battle-hardened indexing protocols and enterprise-grade hosting partners, Celo can future-proof its data availability infrastructure. This demonstrates Celo’s commitment to empowering developers through fast, reliable access to on-chain data at scale.

I anticipate discussions on this proposal. Let us unlock true data indexing to enrich Celo’s ecosystem.