What is the DEX trading Celo assets with less slippage?

Hey friends,

In your experience, what is the DEX that trade between Celo´s assets with less slippage?



Hello Ed,

it highly depends on the asset you want to trade.
for not so common tokens i check:

  • ubeswap
  • symmetric
  • sushiswap

for the cStables:

  • Mento
  • Uniswap
  • Curve

also you can use celotracker or swappa (i believe swappa is only accessible thru “Celo Terminal”) to identify best routings.


Thanks, Olek. What is the url to trade on Mento?

I heard that there was a project to aggregate the liquidity from all Dexes that trade Celo Assets and route the orders to the best trade. Is this correct? Is this project live?

Mento → https://mento.finance/
For a user, it feels like a swap, but technically, you are minting or burning cUSD/cREAL/cEUR by interacting with the reserve.
Please note there will be soon some major upgrades happening:
Mento Core Contract Upgrade #1 - Multi Collateral Mint

There are some aggregators like matcha already live:

The mentioned Celotracker and swappa also work as aggregators.

defillama meta-aggregator (somehow only uses matcha routing):

Your probably thinking of https://docs.router.nodefinance.org/

I believe several celo dexes provide UI for it. Ubeswap being one of them