Welcome to the Forum Celo Camp Batch 7!

Welcome to the forum Celo Camp Batch 7! We’re looking forward to hearing what you built and engaging with your project. To share what you’re building, head over to Celo Camp section, creating a topic, and adding the batch-7 tag. Here’s a template to get you started :partying_face:

Project title [CC7 2023]

Add title of project and the batch number into the subject of the post.

Short description

What is the elevator pitch?


Who is the team building this project?
You can tag them by typing @ and filling in their name.

Long Description

Describe your project in as much detail as you like. You can include details like:
What is the problem? How do you aim to solve it? What is interesting or innovative about your solution?
What is the total addressable market? Do you have a go-to market strategy?

Technical Implementation (optional)

In a few sentences describe how you are using Celo and other tools in your implementation
Feel free to add a link to demo or a mock up

Next Steps (optional)

What are you plans post Celo Camp

Asks (optional)

Is there anything you are looking for help with?
What questions do you have for the community? Is there anything that would be helpful for you post Camp?
Our community is incredibly connect and eager to support each other. If someone comes across your post, is there something you wish they would do?

Slide Deck

Link to a slide deck if you wish to share publically

What’s the best way to get in contact with you and your project?

Feel free to leave any links to website, socials, or contact details that you wish to be public

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Some folks have shared links to the their Github repositories here (in case it’s useful):

(and more)