Validator deaffiliate failed

I am trying to deaffiliate validator from group using celocli but ask for authentication. Could you please guide me to provide authentication with celocli for the same. Below is the output celocli comand.

# celocli validator:deaffiliate --from $CELO_VALIDATOR_ADDRESS

Running Checks:
   ✔  0xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx is Signer or registered Account 
   ✔  Signer can sign Validator Txs 
   ✔  Signer account is Validator 
Sending Transaction: deaffiliate... failed: authentication needed: password or unlock
    Error: authentication needed: password or unlock

Looks like the key associated with your address is not unlocked. I’m assuming you are running a node locally on the same machine? You need to attach to that node and use geth attach, and then run

personal.unlockAccount(address, "password")

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Thanks @tim

You provided correct hint on this, I used below celocli and problem resolved after unlocking account.

celocli account:unlock {account_address}

I unlocked celogold other than required 10K from validator. Now it shows pending status when I check balance, so do you have idea that how much time it takes.


Depends on the network. If you’ve got celocli pointed at a node on the right network, you can take a look at

celocli network:parameters | grep -A3 validatorLockedGoldRequirements

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Hello Tim,

Really appreciate for the information, this information has resolved my doubts :+1:.