Upgrade and reset of the Alfajores Testnet on 8/15

Hi everyone! We’ll be deploying an update to the Alfajores Testnet Thursday 8/15/19 starting at 9.30am PDT. We will be taking the testnet down and bringing up new validators. Alfajores will be unavailable for around 2 hrs.

All accounts and balances will be cleared, and any deployed smart contracts will be lost and will need to be redeployed. Follow the instructions again to get funds to try out the Testnet.

This release contains a ton of exciting features and fixes – we’ll be sharing more details shortly. One major change is adopting BLS signatures for validators. This reduces the size of block headers and makes syncing faster. However since this changes the format of core protocol data structures, it is not backwards compatible.

If you have been running a full node or validator, the simplest way of reconnecting is to clear any local data and follow the instructions again which will upgrade your Docker image.

Alongside the Testnet reset, we will be releasing a new version of the Celo Wallet app. If you do not have automatic app updates enabled, you will need to update manually from the Play Store. You will also need to clear the app data. Prior versions of the app will be incompatible with the updated Testnet.

We appreciate your time as we continue developing Celo. If you encounter any issues, please let us know! We welcome all suggestions and feedback on the project, code and documentation.

We’re starting the upgrade now. We’ll send another message when complete.

The upgrade is completed! The new Celo Wallet app is deployed to the Play Store. We’re working on an outstanding issue with registering new validators, and will notify when that is resolved.

Due to recent changes in approval times on the Play Store, it looks like it may take another day or two for the updated Celo Wallet to become available. Apologies for the inconvenience. You can still build and run the Celo Wallet locally to try it out.