Update on CEL2 work at cLabs & tech stack proposals

Celo Community,

In the wake of unveiling the cLabs Proposal for Celo to transition to an Ethereum L2, we were met with an outpouring of support from the Celo, Ethereum, and broader Web3 Communities. In particular, our excitement is ignited by the detailed proposals from major L2-stack builders (e.g., Polygon and Matter Labs) which have sparked deep conversations within the community. Below, we give a short update on the ongoing engineering work at cLabs, the view of cLabs on the tech-stack decision, and how the two interplay.

Engineering work at cLabs towards CEL2 (or the Celo L2 upgrade) has been progressing at a fast pace. A first testnet is live internally, and almost ready to go live publicly. An upgrade of this testnet is in the works, and planned to go live in the coming weeks. We’re also working on updating our internal roadmap for publication on the forum, stay tuned for this! The ongoing engineering work is building on the OP stack. Internally, a decision was made to initiate engineering work, and the team agreed that this approach was the most effective way to begin. It’s worth noting that the majority of this work can be applied even if a different tech stack is selected.

In the end, the decision regarding the choice of technology lies in the hands of our community. The community’s input and preferences will guide us in shaping our path forward. We envision that cLabs can support this process by giving a recommendation as a core technical contributor to the Celo ecosystem. Some relevant dimensions for this decision include the technology’s readiness, its security, the developer experience for CEL2 DApp creators and cLabs engineers, and the overall ecosystem. cLabs is actively evaluating these aspects during the testnet engineering work, to ensure we are well-prepared to offer a future recommendation. While cLabs is actively involved in this evaluation, only the community can determine the final decision through voting on a governance proposal, and ultimately validators by choosing to follow a hard fork. We aim to have a CGP finalized by the end of year.

As we progress forward in the coming weeks, we invite the community to share thoughts, questions, and concerns regarding the next steps in the CEL2 transition in the comments section below.

If you have specific questions about particular proposals, kindly direct your comments to the relevant forum posts. Both the proposers and cLabs are eager to continue the discussion and provide any necessary information. This collaborative effort aims to ensure the community reaches a well-informed decision in the tech-stack CGP.

For cLabs, matt


Amazing work devs :raised_hands:
Can’t wait for the next updates.

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Excited to keep on track this updates.

Whether it’s Polygon, Matter Labs (ZKsync) or the OP Stack, follow Ethereum L2 infrastructure seems like the way to go.

@valentin just posted cLabs’ outline roadmap for its L2 work – please dig in!

It’s worth calling out some of the next steps around stack selection:

Mid November 2023 - Publish draft decision framework for community consultation.
Late November 2023 - General consensus on decision framework, and forum discussions and community calls on stack options.
Early December 2023 - General consensus on preferred stack.
Mid December 2023 - Confirm stack selection via temperature check governance vote.

A lot’s going to happen in the next few weeks around this topic so keep an eye out for updates and community calls!