Quick Update on L2 Stack Selection

To the Celo community,

This is Mariano, Head of Engineering from cLabs.

Thank you for your patience as we near the conclusion of the stack selection process for the forthcoming migration of Celo to an Ethereum L2! This journey has been thorough and has extended beyond our initial expectations due to the cutting-edge nature of the involved technologies and their rapid evolution (even during the evaluation process), in addition to the non-technical aspects as previously outlined. Since Day 1, we have been committed to making informed decisions that uphold the integrity of Celo and its community. We appreciate your understanding as we navigate this important endeavor, which has required time necessary for careful consideration.

We are pleased to announce that, after extensive deliberation and diligence, the teams at cLabs are ready to present our proposal for stack selection by the end of this month. This milestone will mark a significant step forward in our journey to CEL2.

Thank you once again for your unwavering support and patience throughout this process. We are excited about the future possibilities for Celo and continuing to build for the real world––we look forward to sharing all the details with you very soon!

cLabs Team


Thanks for sharing progress.

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Thank you for the update!

Thanks for sharing the progress.

I eagerly wait to see which L2 stack Celo will join in.

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fyi: the proposal has been shared now in this post cLabs Proposes Migrating Celo to an Ethereum L2 leveraging the OP Stack