Untangled Finance_ A financing pool for green asset collaterals

Dear Celo team,

Untangled is an asset backed financing platform. We bridge real world, green financing assets (such as renewable energy loans) to DeFi liquidity pools. We are planning to deploy to Celo blockchain and to launch a liquidity pool that finances green assets, using a structure that is similar to our collateral onboarding application to MakerDao (see below).

We see a strong alignment between our missions and were encouraged by recent developments:

  • Climate and generative finance being a main focus
  • Climate Collective
  • Proposal to deploy Uniswap on Celo

Our team’s background is within finance, technology and agriculture. For 7 years, we were a pioneer in bringing latest ag tech such as drones to Africa in rice farming. We know Africa and Asia well and could source green asset collaterals for the Celo ecosystem. We develop Untangled (and Binkabi) to bridge DeFi capital to SME and green projects in emerging markets.

Appreciate if you let me know how we can go about launching a DeFi green lending/asset financing pool on Celo, with Celo reserve to be an anchor source of funding.

Relevant links:

Thank you,
Manrui and Quan


Thanks for this introduction to your protocol, @untangled-finance! We are excited to move forward with the project in collaboration with Climate Collective.


Thank you @nirvaan. We are excited to work with Climate Collective/Celo in bringing real world/green assets to the ecosystem.