Tech Docs and Website in PT and Spanish


[ENG] Hi there!

On our community calls/engagement opportunities (Instagram lives/Twitter Spaces/Discord office hours, among others) there has been a growing report of a language barrier to learn, engage and build on Celo.
Thoughts about this and how to overcome?

[ESP] ¡Hola!

En nuestras llamadas comunitarias/oportunidades de compromiso (Instagram Lives/Twitter Spaces/Discord office hours, entre otros) ha habido un informe creciente de una barrera del idioma para aprender, participar y construir en Celo.
Pensamientos sobre esto y cómo superar?

[PT] Olá!

Em nossas chamadas/oportunidades de engajamento da comunidade (Instagram Lives/Twitter Spaces/Discord Office Hours, entre outros) tem havido um crescente relato de uma barreira linguística para aprender, engajar e construir no Celo.
Pensamentos sobre isso e como superar?

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Definindo uma linguagem mãe (diria Inglês) e depois confiando que as pessoas como a Mila, o Rafael, a Michela e qualquer outra pessoa que queira ajudar na tradução de conteúdos o farão. Seja para PT ou ESP… Se bem que aí nem vejo muita necessidade de dividir… vejo por exemplo o canal da BNB que é tanto PT como ESP também.
Relativamente à construção já é um pouco mais complicado… aí vão ter que saber, um pouco pelo menos de Inglês. Mas há atividades que são transversais e que não se importam com a barreira linguística.

Translating the website to Portuguese and Spanish will be a major step forward for the community. Creating a translation verification process so that all parties involved agree before publication and update notifications to interested translators will help keep things running smoothly.

Miguel - muito obrigada por colaborar com esse exercicio. Talvez a saida fosse entao: (i) traduzir os documentos tecnicos/site para cada lingua e ter uma abordagem mais abrangente (talvez LatAm + Portugal e Espanha) para os canais de comunicacao (chats/discord)?

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I think that we can not only create that community that educates, because an educated community is a safer community and a stronger community but were we to get some funding from the Celo Foundation I guess we’d be getting more and more people wanting to be apart of it, wanting even to help translate it. For me it comes out almost naturally to be honest, and within my availability I really don’t mind doing that for the community. Again because it’s my strong believe that an informed community makes for a strong and safe community.

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Definitively is a barrier.

I think we must translate all the websites, techdocs, guides, etc. to the principal and more number of users in the community. I think we have to have Spanish and Portugues at least. Idk if we have some other communities and languages aboard Celo communitty maybe African or something else…

I think maybe the community members could help doing the translations and maybe Celo offer some funds or payments (small payments don’t have to be big ones) for the translated documents and they take those translations and put in the webpages and the Mediums, guides, etc…

For example we can establish a value per word translated and for example do a Discord channel where a designed person put some task or some documents to be translated and the community members can take this task claim them, do the translation and receive the payment.

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Hi all! We’ve also seen a major need for this across all of our community programs. We currently have a Crowdin workspace for Celo Docs, the industry standard tool that allows for tech docs to be translated in any language. Any community member can make an account and start translating the docs. If you log in you’ll see this dashboard

So we’ve already have community members create these languages in the docs

  • Chinese Simplified, Greek, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Vietnamese
  • @MilaRioja let’s get Spanish and Portuguese in the lead!

The highest participation so far has been in Greek :greece: :trophy: If anyone wants to contribute to documentation, just create an account and you can start translating docs. Always feel free to reach out if you have any questions. This is a decentralized and permissionless way for anyone who sees a need that needs to be filled and wants to contribute to just roll up the sleeves and get started!

This is the documentation page for how someone can become a Contributor and how to start doing translations.

I know this still doesn’t solve the need for regional marketing, but I think Docs is the first step to get someone building on Celo and an important resource to translate. If anyone could volunteer to translate this message to make sure we can spread it wide, please feel free!


Super interesting! How is the community rewarded for the contribution? Meaning: does the platform have ways (e.g. pre set bounties) to or its a tool to submit the contributions?

Not in the platform, that’s just the tool itself to be able to manage translations and push them to be published on Celo Docs. In other open source communities I’ve seen people just take it up as an initiative because they are passionate about it and see a need.

We as the Community team at CF have given grants in the past for people to work on this. I’d love to see how regional DAO’s cab manage this in the future and set up a system of bounties to reward their contributors. This is a good opportunity for us to establish a standard rate and create a way to submit invoices based on # of words translated and just get paid out for their contribution to the community.

@MilaRioja also you should get in touch with @nestorbonilla! He’s been doing a lot of work on localizing dev docs.

Yes! @bcamacho and I also talked about an idea to have bounties in hackathons for the translation of technical documentation + I like the idea of having DAO Ambassadors take on general translation/localization strategies (as Ambassadors already do to social media).

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Thanks all for bringing this topic and stating this as a need from the community. Regarding Celo docs, at DevRel, we’re working on establishing a simpler structure and doing the translation foundation of the site in Spanish, then encouraging community members to support us in doing translation in both Spanish and Portuguese. Excited to continue chatting about this and defining together the best incentive alignment model.

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Super, @nestorbonilla ! @RafaMoura already translated all the website :star_struck:. How to upload it? On the Discord the community also wants to help. I also think relevant to stablish some bounties and do a sprint to get this going quick. Wdyt?

Great, I’m not sure which website you’re referring to, but I’m excited to see what @RafaMoura has done. In terms of tools, as @annaalexa mentioned, we use Crowdin, so all translation should be done through it. @MilaRioja I DM you to sync ideas.

2 Likes main website :slight_smile: The tool mentioned by Anna is new to us and community. I think worth doing a post in PT/ESP to let the more people know about it! And sure lets talk

Tb vi seu post no Discord! Acho que vale copilar na ferramenta o que ja traduzimos e selecionar novos itens nos interessam para priorizar.

@miguelvilasboas wanted to connect you to @ericnakagawa ! He is lead DevRel and is energizing translation of technical docs. Maybe you can collab with him on docs translation :slight_smile: Also linking you guys on Discord

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Hey I can help with some translations to Spanish in my free time. :slightly_smiling_face:
I already start…

@ericnakagawa @MilaRioja


I noticed :wink: in the meanwhile I’m trying to get some more people to get onboard to get it moving.

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