Seeking community members to join the governance approver multisig

We, some current members of the Celo governance approval multisig, are looking to bring in new community members to help fill this important technical role in maintaining the security and smooth running of mainnet.

Being an approver is a technical role, a little like being an auditor. We are looking for a technical understanding of Solidity, the EVM and familiarity with or willingness to learn about the core Celo Contracts (and we will provide, support of course).

We are looking to propose 3-5 new members depending on qualifications of applicants.

The role of the approver is intended to be:

  • Make sure the proposal does what it says: Does the CGP match the code to be executed? Are there any unintended side-effects or ambiguities that are not covered in the CGP? Does the CGP and the code match the discussion on the forum?

  • Make sure the proposal does no harm: It is all too easy to do something that irreversibly and totally borks the network. Are we certain the proposal is not going to break any dapp or part of the core contracts, or cause funds to get stranded, or put the security of the network at risk?

  • Make sure voters can verify the proposal: does the released version of celocli allow a user to look at the proposal and CGP and come to their own conclusions about the above?

What the approvers believe their role is NOT:

  • Policy: Making a decision on whether X should receive funds from the community fund – that’s for voters.

  • Quantitative parameter settings: Whether a parameter should be X or Y, so long as either don’t violate the bullets above, should be for voters, not approvers.

There are typically a handful of governance proposals every month, so this isn’t a major time commitment, but being available when proposals are made is important.

There is no compensation for multisig signers, but the community could provide this through a future governance proposal if it chooses to.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them below or in [#governance-proposals on Discord].(Discord)

Please apply via this form:

Tim, Marek and Eran


Hey @tim, has there been progress on this or on parallelising the approval and voting stage?

Two recent Mento CGPs haven’t been approved and we had the same difficulties as previously, contacting approvers and getting CGPs approved in time

I kind of want to apply, but such great responsibilities, I’m not sure I’m ready yet.
Hope other technical users will step forward!

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