Revitalizing the Network: A Proposed Airdrop Event for New Users and Layer 2 Bridge Participants

“The team should initiate an airdrop event for new users and those using the Layer 2 bridge. This would invigorate the network and allow new people to experience it. It could cause a revitalization in the ecosystem.”

I think Celo should create NFTs for people to do tasks regarding migrating to CEL2 (Celo as a Layer 2)

Regardless of technical challenges or benefits of this idea, it would certainly drive tons of transaction volume and interest in the protocol.

I’m not sure if the current trend of airdrop hunting as a profession is really going to be around in 12 months time, or if it’s really the sort of user-base (disengaged, mercantile-only) we want to encourage. But yeah, the numbers don’t lie in the current zeitgeist of pro airdrop farmers, it is what it is.

@KL.alan If you have a more specific proposal with more detail, would love to hear it. Is this a quote from elsewhere?