Prezenti grant award x Celo Camp

We are thrilled to announce that a selected team from Celo Camp Batch 9 or the Startup Pathway will win a $25,000 cUSD Growth Pool grant from Prezenti!

This is a $25,000 cUSD grant for delivering their next set of works, against agreed milestones. One payment of $12,500 upfront and the final payment of $12,500 upon successful completion.

Criteria for Prezenti is as follows:

  • Must be open source
  • Must be on MainNet
  • Must have a plan to ‘socialize’ their product/idea
  • Must be built on Celo
  • Ideal if its a public good
  • Strong sustainability plan
  • Working towards supporting MiniPay; contributes to the growth of real world solutions in Africa.
  • From a non-sanctioned country in Canada. List here.

The team would need to complete the grant within 4 months from August 2024.

See our Twitter X


This is really remarkable, How can the teams participate in this grant? Or is it independently going to be chosen by the Prezenti grants team?

This is wonderful. the projects in camp are all amazing so far!!!

Thanks for the question @hawwal. We think it will likely be out of the top 3 and will depend on factors like previous funding as well as guidance from mentors within Celo Camp.

This is amazing from the Prezenti team @MayaRB can previous grantee who is in the Celo camp qualify for this grant?

What are the KPIs you guys are looking to get from this?

Thanks for the really good questions!

@differentabdul - this award is just for the current batch.

@celomexico the KPIs will be individual to the grantee and we will work with them to develop a set of robust and realistic milestones, ideally as much on-chain as possible. But they will be bespoke.

Thank you @MayaRB what I actually meant was a current Prezenti grantee(micro pool) etc

Oh sorry, misunderstood - this award is directly linked to the current Celo Camp batch. We will work with Celo Camp to agree on who gets this grant, once they have their top 3 winners. If that person already has a Prezenti grant then that is unlikely to be a barrier. If that makes sense?

Yes thank you. It’s clear now