[NEW DRAFT] - Integration of CELO into Vottun Ecosystem

Author: Luis Carbajo

Aligned Public Goods Bucket: Which pre-approved CPG category is this initiative driving forward?

Celo Grants and Requests For Proposals

Funding request: What resources are being requested?

$25.000 cUSD

Reason for request: We are planning to engage in Celo developer activations and support the ecosystem through Celo Camp and Celo hackathons using Vottun technology. This includes offering perks to the Celo Camp community for using Vottun APIs, conducting technical workshops, and providing tutorials on how to use Vottun. Additionally, Vottun will provide an accessible platform for the entire Celo community, enabling them to delve into the Web3 ecosystem through the digital community of Casa Celo.

To achieve this with the Celo community, we need to integrate Celo into the Vottun Ecosystem. By providing our technology, Vottun could serve as a catalyst to empower the Celo developer community through Celo-organized hackathons, as well as through Vottun’s own regularly scheduled workshops and hackathons. With Vottun APIs, developers can easily and quickly build use cases for payments, NFTs, certificates, wallets, gaming, traceability, sustainability, NGO dApps, and tokenization.

Summary: Provide a brief summary of your proposal, how it supports the development of Celo, the timeline and the key objectives that would be accomplished if the proposal is successful.

At Vottun, we are applying for this GRANT to integrate the Celo network into our APIs so that the developers within the Vottun ecosystem (over 1,800) can develop dApps and interact with this network.

At Vottun, we offer a multi-blockchain platform that allows Web2 developers to create Web3 solutions easily and efficiently. We have identified that the fragmented landscape of blockchain networks, coupled with technological complexity, poses a barrier to the adoption of Web3. Therefore, we have developed RestAPIs that enable companies and developers to create Web3 applications without requiring deep knowledge of blockchain coding. In fact, we have identified a significant opportunity in the Web2 space. With nearly 27 million developers worldwide, only a fraction, just over 20,000, are currently active in Web3. Since the launch of our platform just three months ago, we have successfully onboarded over 1.600 developers who are now developing blockchain solutions with our APIs. Our APIs are both client-facing and server-facing.

Furthermore, at Vottun Ecosystem, users can find a wide range of blockchain templates for various use cases, such as NFTs, certificates, traceability, cryptocurrency payments, and sustainability that have been used by more than 150 big Web2 brands like Mediapro, ChupaChups, Naturgy, Borges and Grupo Bimbo. We have been recognized with more than 45 international awards and mentions, including selections in Wired as one of the top 100 European startups, and mentions in Gartner reports on blockchain solutions development in 2020, 2021, and 2022, and we also hold the license from the Bank of Spain as providers of cryptoservices for the exchange of virtual currency for fiat currency and for the custody of electronic wallets.

The Vottun platform aims to become a dynamic and decentralized online environment where users, developers, and Web3 service providers can collaborate and thrive within the Web3 space.

The platform allows developers interact with the blockchain in a easy way. Developers can manage their smart contracts and blockchain transactions with RestAPIs. Track calls made, manage projects, and collaborate in web3 projects, among other functions are very simple in the platform. Within this environment, developers have the opportunity to upload their own Smart Contracts, which can then be utilized by other developers, generating commissions for their use.

Besides the infra/tooling, Vottun´s platform offer and engaging gamified experience for developers so they can have fun and get socially connected with peers that are also new builders in the web3 space. This is the platform access link: https://web3.vottun.io/. Specifically, within the Vottun ecosystem, we provide activities for both developers and community users to help them level up. Currently, we have already completed more than 210,000 activities. With the integration of CELO, we will be able to offer specific activities to increase engagement with this network.

The timeline for this project will be divided into 3 months of work, which will be defined in the “Specification” section. The overall objective of the project is to enable the more than 1,500 active developers within the Vottun ecosystem to develop and grow the Celo ecosystem.

Motivation: Showcase why this specific proposal is able to support the well-being and growth of Celo, highlighting past initiatives or market developments that showcase the relevancy of this proposal.

We have identified a critical challenge: the shortage of developers specialized in blockchain: Currently, there is a shortage of developers with expertise in blockchain and web3 technologies. This translates into a challenge for many companies and projects that wish to leverage the potential of blockchain technology. Our solution addresses this problem by enabling web2 developers, who are already skilled, to access and build web3 solutions Celo through Vottun APIs & tools.

With our solution, we are democratizing access to the web3 world. This is essential to foster innovation and growth in the blockchain ecosystem. By enabling web2 developers to actively participate in the development of Celo-based solutions, we are driving more activity and adoption of the Celo network.

Our project stands out significantly from other similar solutions for several reasons:

1. Comprehensive API management platform: unlike other projects, our platform is not limited to just providing access to blockchain APIs, but offers a comprehensive API management solution. This means that developers can monitor API usage metrics, operate on various blockchains, create wallets and associate them with different dApps, and generate access tokens, among other functionalities.

2. Connecting developers and service providers: a unique aspect of our project is its ability to connect developers with service providers, enabling collaboration in the creation of high-quality dApps. This collaboration results in web3 solutions that address the needs of end users, providing added value to the community.

Our project translates into a public good in multiple ways. First, we provide essential shared infrastructure in the form of blockchain APIs. These APIs are offered as an open and accessible resource for our developer community, creating a shared asset. This approach not only drives innovation, but also promotes open collaboration in the development of Web3 solutions.

In addition, our platform is not only focused on technology, but is also dedicated to building an active community of developers and users. This community shares knowledge, experiences, and resources, further enriching the ecosystem and creating a public good in the form of collaboration and co-development.

- Increased activity: As a result of our platform, Celo will experience a significant increase in activity. This is because developers will deploy a substantial number of smart contracts and dApps on the Celo network, which will generate increased user interaction and transactions.

- Community growth: We anticipate growth in the community of developers and users joining the Celo ecosystem. The accessibility and ease of use of our APIs will attract a diverse audience of developers, which will enrich the community and foster collaboration.

- Continuous innovation: The adoption of our platform in the Celo ecosystem will drive constant innovation. Developers will work on a variety of projects that can address specific challenges and needs, which will enrich the solution set available on Celo.

The main motivation is to enable our developers to leverage the power of Celo’s technology, while the network benefits from new projects and dApps emerging from the Vottun ecosystem.

Previously, we have worked with major institutions such as the Stellar Foundation, Avalanche Labs, the Binance Smart Chain acceleration program, Rootstock and Arbitrum. The most recent collaboration with Arbitrum successfully onboarded over 3,000 new active users to their network.

Metrics and KPIs: Which metrics and KPIs will the initiative be measured against?

In the following question, and with the aim of clarifying the information, the different project milestones will be defined along with the KPIs that will measure the objectives

Specification: A more detailed description of the proposal.


Milestone 1) Celo chain integration in Vottun platform.

  • Deliverable**:** Integrate Celo chain (Testnet & Mainnet) con las especifiaciones propias de la máquina virtual y RPC and start deploying smart contracts using Vottun APIs.

  • KPI Goals: Deployment and transfer of 1,000 NFTs on the Celo network. Creation of 1,000 wallets to receive these NFTs.

In the Vottun community, we deliver NFTs so that developers can level up and increase their reputation. With this delivery of commemorative NFTs for the CELO integration, we aim to introduce this network to the users and developers of our community, allowing them to start exploring and developing on it.

  • Duration: 1 month. Product Owner, Backend developer, Frontend developer. Part time.

  • Initial Payment (product development): 19.750 cUSD Tokens and 75% total budget

Milestone 2) Promotion of Celo in Vottun community - Marketing campaign

  • Deliverable**:** Attract new users & developers to the Celo ecosystem.

  • KPI Goals: Engagement of campaigns and content created

  • Duration**:** 1 month. CMO part time & 1 marketing team member part time

  • Upon achievement: 6.250 cUSD Tokens and 25% total budget

Total Budget:

The total budget required for the completion of the project, which is 25,000 cUSD, includes expenses related to the effort by the Vottun team for development, testing, documentation and marketing tasks. This budget mainly covers costs associated with employee salaries and infrastructure costs. The breakdown of the budget is as follows:

Development costs: 60% - 15,000 cUSD

Marketing: 20% - 5,000 cUSD

Q&A Costs: 15% - 3,750 cUSD

Documentation costs: 5% - 1,250 cUSD

Long-term vision project:

At Vottun, we are constantly adding new calls that increase the value proposition in the various networks we are integrated with. The GRANT is for the integration and introduction of Celo to our community, but we will continue developing on this network, implementing new functionalities in our APIs. Additionally, the most important aspect of this project is the developers who will be able to use our APIs to develop on Celo. We currently have over 2,000 developers (and growing exponentially) who will be able to use our APIs to develop solutions on the Celo network as soon as we are integrated with it. Also, our technical team has spoken with the CELO technical team, and we have studied the joint integration. We are aligned for future developments.

In order to expand our community and reach new developers we are organizing hackathons, and workshops, as well as signing interesting partnerships with Web3 communities, Universities and developer bootcamps. More information regarding the events and workshops that we have prepared here:


Vottun’s main short- and medium-term objective is to exponentially grow the community of developers using the Vottun World platform. We will achieve this through collaborations we have already made with leading online hackathon platforms (such as DoraHacks), workshops, and Web3 API training sessions in major Web3 communities around the world. One of them will take place in September 2024, where Vottun will organize an online Hackathon, led by Marta Valles, involving the top 30 women communities in Web3. The integration of Celo into Vottun’s APIs will enable these developers to build solutions on this network.

We are partnering with Linea to be part of the monthly Hackathons, we are part of the Stellar Hackaton in London in October 2024, we co-organize a Hackathon with Dextools at the end of September, and more are coming.

Vottun’s commitment to exponentially increase the developer community is evident through the partnership signed with Builders Night by ConsenSys - MetaMask: https://lu.ma/buildernights


Additionally, Marta Valles, co-founder of Vottun, is in discussions with Alon Shavit from Celo Camp to collaborate as a speaker at Celo Camp. She will conduct workshops for Celo builders and prepare tutorials on how to use Vottun tools with Celo. Additionally, there are plans to offer perks to Celo builders. The primary goal of these discussions is to provide coupons for developers participating in Celo Camp, supporting the development of high-quality dApps on the Celo network. These coupons will empower developers to further enhance their dApps.

Furthermore, Vottun is in discussions with Joan de Ramon, Manager of Celo Europe DAO, to maintain a long-term collaboration with Celo and understand the development needs we are addressing.

Current status: Does the offering (product/service) already exist or is the funding used to create it?

The project has been in production and open to any user since January 2024. Since then, we have managed to attract over 6,000 users to the Vottun ecosystem, including 1,800 developers.

Currently, the networks compatible with our APIs are Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon, Arbitrum One, Arbitrum Nova, BSC, and Rootstock, along with some non-EVM networks that we are already working on. Therefore, the funds from this GRANT will be used to integrate the Celo network into Vottun’s APIs and to launch a robust marketing campaign so that both existing and new developers in the Vottun ecosystem can use Vottun’s APIs to develop dApps on this network.

Timeline and milestones: Provide a detailed timeline or roadmap, include key milestones

Milestone 1) Celo chain integration in Vottun platform.

  • Deliverable**:** Integrate Celo chain (Testnet & Mainnet) con las especifiaciones propias de la máquina virtual y RPC and start deploying smart contracts using Vottun APIs.

  • KPI Goals: Deployment and transfer of 1,000 NFTs on the Celo network. Creation of 1,000 wallets to receive these NFTs.

  • Duration: 1 month. Product Owner, Backend developer, Frontend developer. Part time.

  • Initial Payment (product development): 19.750 cUSD Tokens and 75% total budget

Milestone 2) Promotion of Celo in Vottun community - Marketing campaign

  • Deliverable**:** Attract new users & developers to the Celo ecosystem.

  • KPI Goals: Engagement of campaigns and content created

  • Duration**:** 1 month. CMO part time & 1 marketing team member part time

  • Upon achievement: 6.250 cUSD Tokens and 25% total budget

It’s important to note that a significant part of our project is open source. The main development and essential development tools necessary for developers are free and accessible to the community. However, there are certain parts of the interaction with the blockchain that need to remain restricted for security reasons and to follow an effective collaboration model among community developers. These restrictions are designed to protect the integrity of interactions with the blockchain and ensure the security of users and developers. Our approach is to balance transparency and open access with the protection of critical aspects of our system, thus ensuring a secure and collaborative environment for the developer community.

Payment Terms: How would the payment be distributed?

Payments will be made upon the completion of each milestone. As defined in the previous section, upon finishing the first milestone, a payment of 19.750 cUSD will be made, and the remaining 6.250 cUSD will be paid upon completion of the second milestone.

Team: Who are the people involved in the proposal? Please provide a brief background of the team members.

Luis Carbajo - Co-founder and CEO

•First AMAZON USA Spanish director, working along with Jeff Bezos.

•MBA at the University of Michigan.

•Industrial Engineering at ETSII Politecnica de Valencia

•Ex-Head of Marketing at Vistaprint Europe.

•Ex-CEO at Solostocks.

•Author of the book e-commerce “Conseguir lo imposible”. Business Angel and Start-up mentor

Marta Valles - Co-founder and COO

•Chosen as Top 10 Spanish executive women leading financial sector by Forbes.

•Finalist Web3 Women In Tech Awards – Amsterdam 2022

•TOP 100 leading women entrepreneurs in Spain.

•Entrepreneur and blockchain enthusiast.

•More than 10 years of experience in sales and business development.

Alex Lopez - CTO

•Blockchain technology Lover.

•More than 15 years of experience in the biggest consultancies (Accenture, Everis…).

•Former “core” developing team at Alastria.

•Launched a blockchain project for the ticketing industry in 2019 based on NFTs.

Carme Camprubi - CFO

•20 years of experience in auditing, accounting and finance.

•Former Deloitte.

•Specialized as blockchain controller, tokenization and cryptocurrencies.

•Part of the Registry of Accounting Experts.

María José Pedragosa - CMO

•More than 15 years of experience in brand strategy and marketing.

•Former Microsoft (Xbox 360), LG Electronics, Samsung, Atrapalo

•Licensed in Journalism and communication

•Passionate about digital marketing and new social communication channels.

Additional support/resources: Are there any resources (non-financial) requested from the Celo Public Goods Stewards, such as testing, reviewing or connecting you to specific stakeholders.

Not necessary.