Kolor - Access to Conservation: [CC6 2022]

Kolor - Access to conservation

Short description
Kolor offers a global access platform for conservation. Purchase tokens to conserve 1.2 acres of Patagonia for 30 years and look forward to receiving carbon credit yields.

Jose Urrechaga - CEO
Francisco Roa - CFO
Bastián Simpertigue - CTO
Leonardo Villarroel- CIO
Felipe Gallegos - Full stack developer
Soraya Manzor - Environmental Engineer

Long Description
Problem: Indiscriminate sales, urbanization and deforestation (REDD+) in territories of untouched wilderness with a tremendous capacity for CO2 absorption such as Patagonia (3X of CO2 per Acre, compared to the Amazon).

Solution: Kolor is creating incentives to conserve Patagonia as it is, forever. By purchasing a piece of land, Kolor is converting it into an NFT and then subdividing it into tokens, to sell token backed LLC shares to companies and individuals that want to conserve and look forward to mitigate their carbon emissions. These token backed conservation certificates imply different benefits for their buyers:

  1. Conservation for 30 years.

  2. Become part of a conservationist DAO.

  3. Future passive income (carbon credit yields).

Traction: To date, Kolor has committed to 49.9k acres under management. We’ve run a presale and have reached a sales rate of 1 acre/hour.

Technical Implementation
Kolor’s dApp is based on Celo’s main net. Customers can now access our dApp and make a reservation to one of our tokens for only 100 cUSD!
Come joins us in our dApp: dapp.kolorapp.com

Next Steps
We’ll keep on creating our sales traction and increase the amount of land under management, towards the size of Maui by 2025 and Puerto Rico by 2030.

We are looking to formalizing partnerships in the ecosystem.

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Contact us

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Love this !! And very excited about Conservationist DAO. Would love to learn how to join.

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