Introducing the Delegated Voting Program (DVP)

The Celo Foundation invites organizations to participate in the newly launched Delegated Voting Program (DVP)! This program empowers organizations to play a direct role in on-chain community governance. By becoming a DVP participant, organizations and their members will not only upvote proposals and engage in referendum votes, but also take part in shaping the discussions around these proposals.

This opportunity is open to all - university crypto clubs, crypto non-profit & research organizations, and active community groups. Up to 5 organizations who are invited to the program will be able to vote with a meaningful amount of CELO (1-5M) towards governance proposals. Each organization will also receive a monthly stipend of up to 500 cUSD for their active contribution.

To express your interest in joining this program, please fill out and submit this form.

Let’s work together to shape the future of Celo!


Absolutely love this initiative!!! Amazing work distributing the voting power and allowing meaningful participants to contribute without the burden of accumulating a large stake.

What is the criteria that they will be assessed on?


Applicants are asked whether they already delegate votes for any other chains or projects. Any work actively supporting proposals through voting and discussions are valued. Also recent activity that can be pointed to for a group, the number of active members, and their current activity in Celo community will aid the decision.

Amazing initiative! Great Job Eric and the Team!

We definitely need more voices and engage discussions around Governance Proposals :clap:t3:

@ericnakagawa , is this something that could be opened up to individuals or very small groups as well?

Delegation of votes to Validators, and individuals in the community is already possible by interacting with the delegation contracts. Documentation is coming online this week to help there.