How to explain CELO uniqueness from the practical aspect?

Hi Everyone :sunglasses:

I follow CELO for some time, and I find it so fascinating!

I love the values that it brings like the idea of financial inclusion and the environment awareness, and I want to promote it among my colleagues and friends.

When I introduce it to them, I get some (legitimate) questions that maybe some of you here can help me answer.

One major question is:

There are already stable coins that are very reputable and accountable. Why do we need CELO? Yes, they convey values, but social values are not enough. Stables like USDC have a very long reputation and it can do the work also for values like financial-inclusion – you can send them to anyone in the world, even to those who have mobile only. Why should we have another stable?

How do I explain the advantage of using CELO from the practical aspect beside the social value it brings?

I love to hear your point of view so I can have a better answer.