[FINAL] Proposal for Funding Stabila: Driving Stablecoin Adoption on Celo

I was really surprised when I stumbled upon this proposal, especially given my involvement in Celo Governance through my work account @juanjgiraldoc. It made me consider stepping back from this discussion.

On another note, I can’t help but feel disappointed. I’ve been passionate about introducing the Colombian Peso for quite some time, but I’ve often felt unsupported by the community. Now, with this new proposal emerging, I’m feeling a bit left out. How can we work together more inclusively?

First post

Back in March 2022, I posted about introducing the Colombian Peso, and it received an overwhelming response with over 4.3K views, 193 likes, and 44 replies. You can find it here.

Second post

In October 2022, I posted in Spanish to make it more accessible to our Colombian community members. It garnered over 1.2K views, 46 likes, and 17 replies. Check it out here.

We also submitted a Draft proposal on GitHub under CGP-0060 via PR 156, which was merged. However, out of respect for the community’s concerns, we decided not to submit it OnChain and opted for more discussion before proceeding.

Third Post

In October 2023, after months of hard work, we posted a highly detailed proposal aimed at the Community Fund, which received over 1.8K views, 142 likes, and 41 replies. You can find it here.

This post wasn’t submitted to Governance because we wanted to respect the new Governance Guidelines and wait for the updated framework.

The last reply to this post was from @rene_celo after I tried numerous times to convince him of the benefits of our proposal.

Fourth Post

Our most recent post, made in February 2024 with a more focused scope under the Celo Public Goods umbrella, unfortunately didn’t receive any replies. You can view it here.


One of our main obstacles has been waiting for support from Mento StableCoin Factory. We tried persuading them to help us launch a test of the StableCoin Contract with a small minting allowance to gauge interest and work on liquidity efforts.

We deeply respect governance and haven’t submitted the proposal because we believe in having meaningful conversations with the community before taking action. However, I can’t help but notice that key figures in this new proposal, such as @Kevin, @martinvol, @nraghuveera, @Isha, haven’t engaged with our posts as far as I can recall.

While I truly appreciate the initiative dedicated to StableCoins in Celo, I would love to be included in this endeavor and am more than happy to contribute.