Faucet for testnet Mento stables


Mento doesn’t have an official faucet using the mento.org domain as far as I can see.

Could the Mento team host a faucet to get testnet Mento stables like eXOF, cREAL, cUSD, and cEUR? For example, at faucet.mento.org?

For example, Circle has a faucet to get testnet USDC tokens at faucet.circle.com.


At the moment, faucet.celo.org (whose code base is open-source: celo-org/faucet) only has a CELO token balance, and it has to swap CELO every time it gets a faucet request for cStables or other tokens.

With the rise of stabletoken launches on Celo (including eXOF, USDC, and USDT), the expectations on faucet.celo.org are growing, and I think it would be beneficial to share fauceting responsibilities with stabletoken companies.

One idea is that faucet.celo.org only provides testnet CELO tokens, and developers go to 3rd party faucets like faucet.circle.com and faucet.mento.org for testnet USDC and Mento stables.

  1. This would allow stabletoken companies to better manager the developer experience of getting testnet tokens and support new testnet tokens as soon as they are launched.
  2. This would reduce the scope and maintenance burden on faucet.celo.org, it would distribute the responsibility, and would help focus engineering resources on other areas of importance to the Celo community.

All thoughts and feedback welcome. Thanks in advance!

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CF received a large amount of Testnet USDC provided by the Circle team for hackathons.

How can we add it to the list of tokens in the faucet.celo.org? Would we need to setup a CELO:Testnet USDC LP somewhere?

My thinking is that faucet.celo.org should only support testnet CELO, and that 3rd party token companies should be responsible for their respective testnet faucetting needs. In other words, I don’t think testnet USDC should be added to the list of tokens supported by faucet.celo.org.

Instead, I propose hackathon developers request testnet USDC from faucet.circle.com, which transfers 10 USDC per account per day.

For larger token needs, I propose they are handled via the Google Form you already use today.


Any thoughts from the folks at Mento Labs ? cc @MarkusBerlin @bowd @roman @bayological

Hey @arthurgousset ,
Instance of Mento is deployed on Alfajores and someone can use app.mento.org to mint Mento stablecoins using CELO. It should cover the needs of folks, no?
I don’t see the reason why would we maintain separate faucet in addition to that. Let me know if you think otherwise.

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Hey @olenovyk, great point. That’s your call at Mento Labs really :slight_smile:

Personally, I’m ok with using app.mento.org as an option to get cStables on the Alfajores testnet.

I just wanted to make it explicit that faucet.celo.org may only distribute CELO tokens at some point.

That means developers who would like to get cStables on the Alfajores testnet would need to:

  1. get CELO from faucet.celo.org (or elsewhere), and then
  2. swap CELO to cStables at app.mento.org (or elsewhere).

That would be two steps to get Mento stables compared to one for USDC at faucet.circle.com, but, of course, totally doable. It also means that access to cStables might be affected by the availability of CELO at faucet.celo.org or elsewhere.

These are all subjective decisions and preferences you can stack rank at Mento Labs. If you ever decide to host a faucet, you can take a look at the open-source implementation of faucet.celo.org on Github if it helps: celo-org/faucet.

In the meantime, to make it easier for developers to continue accessing cStables, faucet.celo.org could display a message like:

Need Mento stables like cUSD? Swap tokens at app.mento.org.

faucet.celo.org has a similar message for USDC:

If you can add such message, that will be great, thanks!

We will take a look at faucet Github repo, thanks for sharing. Maybe we can consider it at some point in the future if we really see a need for it and we have some free capacity.


Sounds good, we’ll look into having faucet.celo.org display a message like that for some time.