Faster finality for payments


We’re building a card payment protocol on CELO and having a faster finality would make a world of difference. For card payments, we need to respond to the card scheme within ~3-5s. In order to confidently process transactions we would ideally need a block time of around 1 second (so that transmit → finalized would be around 2s).

I was wondering if there are any intentions to shorten the block time - and if so what is the protocol team targeting, and when would such a change be expected?


Hi @michael, welcome to the forum!

That’s interesting! We were thinking about shortening the block time in the context of increasing throughput, as an alternative to increasing block gas limit. That was discussed as one of the options for the next hardfork but it’s not confirmed yet. Would love to learn more about your specific needs and the full transaction flow. That would definitely help us make educated decision.

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Happy to elaborate more in a meeting, how should we set one up?

Great! I’ll ask to arrange one.