Claim your $MENTO Airdrop

GM Celorians, I’m reaching out to gather feedback and share experiences related to the recent $MENTO airdrop. While many have successfully claimed their tokens, some community members have encountered challenges, particularly with the KYC process, and issues specifically with CeloTerminal. Please note that most issues have been patched and fixed, but we want to ensure that everyone can claim their airdrop smoothly.

To ensure that everyone can claim their airdrop smoothly, I encourage you to share any issues you’ve faced or solutions you’ve discovered. Here are some resources that might be helpful:

Please provide details about:

  1. The specific issue you’re encountering (e.g., KYC verification problems, multisig wallet issues, CeloTerminal issues).
  2. Steps you’ve taken to try and resolve the issue.
  3. Any error messages or screenshots (if applicable).

If you need immediate assistance, please join us on our Discord server at Mento and create a ticket. Our team is ready to help you sort out any issues you may have.

Your input will be invaluable in helping the community and the Mento team address these problems more effectively. Let’s work together to ensure everyone can benefit from this airdrop!

Thank you for your cooperation and support.


hello hello. I am very disappointed not being able to claim as a UK or US citizen. I assume this must be for regulatory reasons outside of the control of Mento? But I do wonder if there is any path forward here that would make it possible? Potentially even keeping the Airdrop open for UK & US users for if / when there might be regulatory changes that enable it to happen?

Would really appreciate to learn more here and if there is any path forward! Thanks


Hi @MontyMerlin, totally understand that this is disappointing - it’s for regulatory reasons as you already guessed… Mento is fully driven by decentralized governance so from my personal perspective, nothing speaks against someone issuing a governance proposal in the future that suggests a retrospective airdrop specific to certain folks that were not able to claim in the past whenever the regulatory landscape allows for that.