CGP #62: Passed but marked as rejected

Hi all,

CGP #62: One-to-one stable value asset basket and 50/50 DAI-USDC-Split has received 100% “Yes” votes with a 35M participation (of the required ~25M) but has automatically been labeled as rejected due to a technicality: There was no execution call to the governance contract during the execution period because CGP #62 did not contain any executable on-chain changes. Executing the CGP, which could have been done by any CELO holder during the execution period, would not have made any difference except for the rejected/accepted labelling of the CGP and I believe that the proposal should therefore be considered passed. Do you all share this view?

Furthermore, I think it would be worth to suggest a change to the governance process such that CGPs without executable changes do not have to be executed in the future to be labeled as passed.


Quick update for visibility on CGP62: The reserve reached the 50/50 DAI-USD split decided upon in the proposal:

The reserve is about 5M short of also reaching the 1:1 allocation in stable value assets but can be expected to reach that target soon too.