cEUR Dollar Value

Hi all, I read this article on Celo oracles and was curious to know how the dollar price of cEUR is determined. KuCoin is currently the only one to deal with it but it’s not included in the list of supported exchanges and, moreover, I noticed that the exchange rate on Celo does not correspond to that of KuCoin and is instead identical to the official one published by Yahoo! and others. In fact, cEUR is by far the most reliable EUR stablecoin out there, as far as I can see. So my question is: who provides the price feed for cEUR and for other stablecoins in the future? Many thanks!

It comes from the price of CELO/EURO on exchanges like coinbase pro and bitrex.

Ok, thank you. Actually, I made some tests out of curiosity calculating the CELO-USD/CELO-EUR ratio. The official conversion rate EUR/USD was 1.1812. CEUR-USDT on KuCoin was 1.1800. Coinbase Pro gave me 1.1830 and Bittrex 1.2031. So it’s still a bit confusing to me… Maybe a volumes weighted average does the trick? Just a very curious non-tech person here. Sorry :slight_smile:

Note: Binance and Okcoin don’t have the CELO-EUR pair.

Hi @cr33pt00, the parameters used to run the oracles can be found on the celo-monorepo. Here they are being configured to report rates as calculated from: Coinbase, Bittrex and Binance. Since, as you pointed, Binance does not have a CELO/EUR pair, the oracles use an implicit rate via USDT (a.k.a. cross rate in the FX world). And you’re correct on the volume weighted average – that’s how the oracles calculate the rates reported on-chain (past 24h volume used, as reported by the exchanges).

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Thank you, very interesting. Looking forward to seeing how it will behave on much higher volumes of course but so far so good :ok_hand: