Celo Wallet and (d)App Council #9 [April]

Hey all :wave:

The monthly “Celo Wallet and (d)App Council” meeting is taking place on Wednesday, March 30th (9am PDT/6pm CEST) .

:calendar: What is this?

  • A monthly meeting for Celo developers, founders, product people (anyone really!) to discuss technical
    • wishes,
    • pain points, and
    • ideas

:spiral_note_pad: Agenda

  • Agenda on Github: Celo Wallet and (d)App Council #9
  • :ballot_box: You can upvote/downvote agenda items.
  • :writing_hand: Please feel free to add agenda items (however small or big!) on Github.
    For example:
    • technical discussion topics to amplify your ideas/features/frictions,
    • requests for feedback (from the community),
    • etc (anything that would be useful for you really!)

:star_struck: How do I participate?

See you there! :rocket:


Thanks to all who attended the recent Wallet and (d)App Council meeting.

Here is the: