Celo Wallet and (d)App Council #13 [July]

This is a copy of a Github discussion for ease of reference. Join there to participate!

:calendar: Quick links

:man_shrugging: What is this?

A monthly meeting for Celo developers, founders, product people (anyone really!) to come together and

  • find consensus (coordinate),
  • learn about needs, pain points, and desires
  • present and collect technical feedback

:spiral_notepad: Agenda

  • Comment with a short sentence describing what youโ€™d like to discuss
  • Donโ€™t worry, it can be small or big!
  • Every builder is welcome (and we are very easy going, I promise :smile:)
  • Upvote topics youโ€™re interested in

:film_projector: Here is the recording for anyone that missed the meeting: Monthly Celo "Wallet and (d)App Council" (2022-07-20 09:05 GMT-7) - Google Drive