Celo Communities Around the World

As a project that celebrates community. Connecting the developers, designers, dreamers doers help us take steps toward the common mission of economic prosperity for all.

To help you better connect with the local community in your region, this is a living thread that contains groups and communities that are budding around the world.

India Celo Telegram t.me/celo_india
Philippines Celo Telegram https://t.me/Celo_Philippines
Bangladesh Celo Telegram t.me/Celo_Bangladesh
Russia Celo Telegram t.me/Celo_Russia
Indonesia Celo Telegram t.me/Celo_Indonesia

Celo Africa Telegram t.me/CeloAfrica
Celo Africa Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/celoAfrica
Celo Africa Whatsapp group https://chat.whatsapp.com/Hx6pmRslxIxI16A2dTi0Q0

Celo Turkey Telegram t.me/CeloTurkey
Celo Turkish Medium https://medium.com/celoorg/turkce/home

Celo Telegram in Spanish t.me/CeloEspanol
Celo Medium in Spanish https://medium.com/celoorg/espanol/home
Celo Medium in Portugese medium.com/celoorg/portugues/home

Celo Telegram in Nigeria t.me/celonigeria
Celo Telegram in Romania t.me/celoromania