Building a Category-Defining Brand in Web3


My name is Deana Burke, and I help lead Layer-1 Marketing at the Celo Foundation. This is a new role for the Foundation, and I’m excited to help define it, leveraging my experience at marketing agencies, startups and web3 orgs focused on financial inclusion.

What drew me to work at Celo is the incredible community of builders, founders and developers working towards a shared mission - to create the conditions of prosperity for all. A big part of my role here at Celo is to help tell this story in a way that resonates with our community, and brings the mission to life across many different markets and cultures. In many ways, this job is about moving hearts and minds, and helping to create a movement that brings gravity and attention to the ecosystem.

Becoming the category-defining protocol and magnetic web3 brand for the people, however, will require thoughtful consideration of how Celo shows up in the world – who we are, what we offer, how we speak, and why we matter. This is why we are embarking on a months-long partnership with the innovators and industry leaders at Red Antler to evolve the Celo brand. We’re honored to be working with the world-class team Red Antler has assembled, and I could not have more faith that the right people are showing up for this job.

During this brand evolution partnership, we’ll be carefully considering Celo’s market positioning, messaging, look, feel, and logo. I cannot underscore enough how important the Celo community’s voice will be to this process and want to ensure that we are evolving the Celo brand in a way that resonates and empowers you all. To that end, I will be posting a series of questions and/or prompts on a regular basis via this forum for you to share your thoughts and help inform the work. Additionally, I’ll be holding monthly office hours on Discord to further open up community discussion on the posted questions or any other marketing-related questions you may have throughout this process.

The first Discord office hours is June 3rd at 3pm ET. This will be an open AMA and dialogue, not a structured presentation. I hope to see you there - cannot wait to see where Celo goes next!



Hi Deana and Celo Team,

Good day to you, I believe this is a very important news for Celo & Celo community. Please feel free let me know if you need any help from my end. I am managing a small group of exp crypto investor from Vietnam and we are supporting Celo since 2021 till now.



Hey @deana

My team and I recently brainstormed some terms to describe our work with Celo not too long ago – our favorites are below. I hope this list offers you some food for thought as you begin this branding journey:

  • Community
  • Regenerative economy
  • Impact innovation
  • Real-world DAOs
  • Food systems
  • Adaptive governance
  • Socioecological systems
  • Resilience
  • Ecosystems
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Hi! Thank you so much - hope to see you at the Discord office hours!

We’ve been circling around similar words so this is great to see. Thank you!

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Looking forward to the Discord office hours!

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