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Helloo frens, meet Bankless Africa 🫱🏾‍🫲🏿🫱🏾‍🫲🏿. The time has come to officially introduce ourselves to you.
We are here to collaborate and coordinate in adding value to the Celo Ecosystem.


Bankless Africa is building the media DAO of Africa, focused specifically on educating and onboarding everyday Africans to crypto/Web3 by promoting and propagating truly decentralized media, culture, information, and education. We aim to drive the adoption of trustless, decentralized infrastructures and money systems across Africa.

Mission and Vision Alignment

There’s a strong alignment between Celo’s mission & vision and that of the Bankless community. While
Celo’s mission is to build a financial system that creates the conditions for prosperity—for everyone, the Bankless mission is to help the world go Bankless by creating user-friendly onramps for people to discover decentralized financial technologies through education, media, and culture.
We believe that with this high alignment, we could create and foster a strategic partnership with Celo, one that ensures a reciprocation of true value-addition for both Communities.
With Celo focusing on Africa quite heavily, Bankless Africa wants to do more in amplifying this ecosystem and its solutions across the African continent to facilitate broader adoption and increase awareness.


We are bringing the Bankless Africa content machine to Celo’s doorstep.

With the aim of building the web3 education and information hub of Africa, Bankless Africa has made great strides. Our Content creation unit comprises an information pipeline that can be used to reach the critical mass in Africa. Here are some of our value propositions. :100::confetti_ball:

The Bankless Africa Podcast
Arguably the best Crypto podcast in Africa currently, The main Bankless Africa podcast highlights projects, ecosystems & people making impacts and driving the adoption of crypto/Web3 across Africa.

Six months after launch and the podcast has climbed the charts to some pretty significant positions, further signifying our content penetration to the everyday African. The podcast has over 3,000 downloads with average downloads/episode around 70 and growing rapidly.

Check some of these charts!:wink:




Being the window to the Africa Crypto Ecosystem also means other parts of the world are getting updated on the ecosystem via the Bankless Africa podcast.



Fun fact : Nikhil was our second Guest on the podcast when we launched, where he talked about ‘Defi for the People” - this episode will go on to be one of the top performing episodes for the podcast in the first season of the podcast!

Sats & Gwei - Africa’s Crypto Roll up.

A weekly roll-up of crypto and Web3 headlines about the African continent. For the first time, anyone, anywhere in the world can easily catch up with the most relevant web3 updates across Africa on a weekly basis. Giving Westerners a window into Crypto Africa while providing Africans a native place to easily get all crypto/web3 updates.

What are some ways we envision Celo leveraging the Bankless Africa podcast platform?
Some ideas for the next 3 months:

  • Run a series that features guests from the Celo ecosystem to discuss and highlight the key mandates, protocols and projects of Celo that are benefiting Africans, which could subsequently lead to the onboarding of more Africans to these platforms and the ecosystem itself.
  • Sats & Gwei feature - Does Celo have weekly news for the African audience and beyond? Well, let’s feature these news items on Sats & Gwei - Africa’s Crypto weekly roll-up. We are also open to featuring Guests occasionally on the roll-up for breaking news/updates for the African populace.
  • More sauce! - A weekly or biweekly Twitter space about the Celo ecosystem sourced from the Celo foundation and other protocols within the ecosystem.

To be or not to be! :wink:

An ecosystem podcast for Celo powered by the Bankless Africa Podcast network! Bringing the Celo innovations, community, solutions, and impacts on Africa in its full glory on this show - probably nothing.

Check out the Bankless Africa podcast


Apple podcast

Google Podcast


Education, Workshops & Demos in the Bankless Africa community

We are happy to facilitate education and onboarding to the Celo ecosystem. Some ideas around achieving this includes::point_down:t5:

  • Bring Celo to the Bankless Africa community by hosting workshops and Demos in our discord about some key protocols, apps etc.
  • Community campaigns, e.g download wallets, apps, test new protocols, etc.

Africa is huge and culturally Diverse - localization is a huge deal!

Over one-third of the world’s languages are spoken in Africa. This makes Africa the most culturally diverse place in the world. How do we make sure that we bring Crypto to a level that can be easily understood by many Africans on a mass scale? Well, we have many plans around this, but here’s one we have launched recently!

Bankless Africa Pidgin Parlour

The Bankless Africa Pidgin Parlour initiative brings crypto education and culture to over 75 million pidgin-speaking Africans. We make sure that crypto reaches the streets of Africa. Pidgin Parlour includes audio and written content with a heavy emphasis on audio content.

Writers Pod

The Bankless Africa Writers Pod is the home of enthusiastic African writers and storytellers capable of curating & creating content in a manner that is both relatable and simple to digest for the everyday African; this is where we house the Bankless Africa Newsletter.

Talent mine

In being the vanguard of propagating truly decentralized media and culture in Africa, Bankless Africa has built a vibrant community of some of the best DAOists in Africa. We are also happy to add value to the Celo ecosystem by bringing these talents to help in various Celo initiatives. We are in this together! For a better Africa!

And many more

There are so many ways we think Bankless Africa can add value to Celo in terms of Media, onboarding, and ecosystem participation. We are happy to start somewhere though and see how this grows.

Shout out to all the Celo Africa initiatives & communities.

We are aware of some of the awesome Celo communities across Africa and some upcoming initiatives to expand Celo’s reach more in Africa. We want to acknowledge those works and also extend a collaborative hand to help these initiatives as much as possible.

Fun fact​:wink:: Bankless Africa shared a booth with Celo in the recent Ghana Crypto & Defi Summit 2022, of which Bankless Africa was the official media partner. Yup, frens were made. :grinning::wink:.


Creating a strategic partnership means fostering a long-term relationship. Bankless Africa would love to set up a Daolationship channel in the Celo discord for coordination purposes. The same will be done in the Bankless Africa discord. Think of this as a portal to both worlds! Facilitating collaborations and executing various ideas for the benefit of both communities.

Financial Implication

Getting Grants/Sponsorships from Celo would go a long way toward helping us increase our capacity and ability to create and build.

The Bankless Africa podcasts and Newsletter is open to sponsorships. We are happy to have various projects within the Celo ecosystem and Celo itself become official sponsors of our podcast and newsletter.

Bankless Africa is open to various grants in the Celo ecosystem. Happy to be pointed in the right direction.

Next Steps

  • Gather feedback from the community
  • Set up shop/chat in Celo Discord to coordinate activities
  • Reach out/open communication channels to Various projects/initiatives to ideate media plans - feature on the podcast, etc.
  • Reach out to the marketing team

RELENTLESS :zap::zap:
WAGMI :grinning::100:


This presents a very great opportunity especially here in Africa.Excited to see how this conversation would unfold.


Hello @thinkDecade, thank you for this wonderful summary! I work on the marketing team and lead co-marketing efforts. I would love to connect and see how we can collaborate, along with our Africa Ecosystem team.


thank you. I will reach out in discord.

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