Applying the CEL2 Selection Framework to the ZK Stack & zkSync

Hey Alex, long time no see. Happy New Year!

First, congratulations to your success so far. From hackathon to zkSync payment to zkEVM to now ZK Stack, it has been a long way.

Excited to see that you responded positively regarding my previous concern regarding the significant cost of evaluating ZK Stack and offered a $2.7M financial support. One follow-up question on this: are there any strings attached to this grant? If so, can you elaborate on details?

One more question: Is ZK stack designed to easily switch the decentralized sequencer with another solution? As I replied in ARB’s proposal, Celo has a battle-tested consensus layer and well positioned to transform it to become a decentralized sequencer. It will make more sense for CEL2 to use Celo’s own decentralized sequencer. In addition, my interpretation of the criteria - Ongoing role for Celo node operator community, is that existing Celo validators will perform new roles as L2 sequencers, validators, or DA providers, but use CELO token to secure these networks.

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