2heavens Received Grant from Celo to Assist with Legal Questions and was selected for the Fintech Hub Program by Fintech Cadence in Montreal

I would like to thank the Celo Foundation and the Celo Community especially in Brazil for all the support on this journey.

It all started at the DeFi for the People hackathon. Being one of the winners motivated us a lot, then came the Celo Connect event in Barcelona and now a grant from the Jura program. This grant will help us with some legal questions about the project.

In addition, 2heavens was also selected for the Fintech Hub program by Fintech Cadence in Montreal, Canada. This program specializes in assisting startups in innovation topics in the financial sector.

We launched an MVP to validate our project and soon we will launch our final version contemplating several features focused primarily on Brazil and Canada.

With this new grant and selection into an esteemed industry-focused accelerator program, it’s evident that 2heavens is destined for greatness as it continues its pursuit of creating an impactful solution for testament and wills around the world.

Thanks again to everyone who supported us on this journey and to everyone who even indirectly taught us a lot.


Thank you for sharing your journey! Excited to follow along.