[resolved] forno is down

Status Alert: Forno nodes are presently unavailable. This impacts any services and using these nodes to connect to the Celo network, updates on resolution will be posted here and at https://twitter.com/CeloStatus as they happen

UPDATE: Forno servers are back up and once again processing network requests. The cLabs team is continuing to monitor Forno health closely https://twitter.com/CeloStatus/status/1284239885042249728

Discussion on this issue in discord channel #mainnet

Sharing the completed incident report for the outage: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vF7ovM-pFp7i4M-CijF0wQp73qg9R-fuEtLvgTgLdN0/edit?ts=5f29a6b6#

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