Proposal to rename Celo Gold to Celo (native asset)

Proposal has been submitted!

Please see the proposal and accompanying blog post for context.

You can view the proposal via celocli governance:view --proposalID=4.

Note there’s an off-by-one in the proposal indexing that we’ll fix for future proposals.


You can also view the proposal at

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Overall glad the proposal passed but wanted to highlight Celo Standard as an alternative.

Seems naming the token Celo (CELO) and the protocol also Celo might be confusing and could lead to legal obstacles.

Celo Standard might be a good alternative. It makes marketing easier while keeping the reference to the Gold Standard.

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Hi Friends,

As you saw, the proposal to change Celo Gold to Celo (native asset) passed. We started a doc to track all of the updates that need to be made. If you’re able to contribute, please add your name next to an item. Also note any additional places you find Celo Gold. It’s like we’re mining for digital gold :smiley:. Thank you in advance for all of the community support throughout this process. Let’s continue the conversation in the #celo-gold-rebrand channel on Discord.