Polygon Labs’ proposal for Celo to become an ETH L2 using Polygon Chain Development Kit ( CDK )

we have worked with DACs before, most “decentralized off-chain DA” networks such a Celestria are not live yet. The same holds true for decentralized sequencers, most of them are not in a production ready state right now. Once they release public mainnets and run for some time without any issues, one can consider using them in prod. For now most of them are not stable enough for anything beyond tests, but we eagerly await trying all of them out.

This is my assessment of the current L2 landscape as well. This is why IMHO that Celo should maintain its competitive advantages - 1) decentralized sequencer 2) off-chain DA layer 3) 1-block finality. Celo could be the very first L2 with decentralized sequencer and off-chain DA! LFG!