Please keep at least 1 CG unlocked!

Quick note on locking up too much Celo Gold. Please be careful! If you lock up too much, you will not be able to pay for transaction fees needed to execute some CLI commands. Please keep at least 1 CG unlocked. A couple of folk ran into this and I fauceted them an extra 1 CG which they used to unlock some gold - they returned the 1 CG. This option is not available now Phase 2 is underway.

For full transparency, these are the transactions for the loan and return:

Celo does also support paying for transaction fees with Celo Dollars, but that isn’t currently piped through to the CLI. We are is looking at doing that and will publish an updated package later this week. This will help you in the event you have earnt validator (or group) rewards in Celo Dollars.