Let the cooking begin- Phase 2 of The Great Celo Stake Off officially starts now!

The Great Celo Stake Off competition officially begins now. In this phase, you will “Cook the Basics” to earn as many Baklava Testnet Units (“BTUs”) as possible.

This phase is broken down into the following two parts:

  • Starting 2300 UTC (1500 PDT) Friday January 10: C Labs will push the new Docker image and begin to upgrade the network. There will be no BTU rewards or attestation messages during this period. The intention is to give everyone time to get themselves set-up.
  • 1600 UTC (8am PDT) January 14: The game starts. BTU rewards will be enabled, attestations activated, and the validator uptime score will begin to increase. You can read more here.

Note that the number of active validators is limited to 100. C Labs operates some validators that can all be out-voted by participants and which will be progressively shutdown. For context, 125 teams have addresses that are fauceted in the Phase 2 genesis block, of which 65 have completed their setup and started validating during Phase 1. In the event you find yourself unable to get elected on or before BTU rewards are enabled, you can try to increase the vote for yourself, or wait for C Labs validators to be shutdown.

Note that this is a full network reset, with a new networkId. If you’ve deployed a node previously, information on how to update your node can be found here. If this is your first time, follow these instructions (and welcome!). Check the leaderboard and keep an eye on the network.

This phase will continue until 1600 UTC (8am PDT) January 29 Keep an eye on the forum updates and ask questions to other experienced validators and the C Labs team on Discord.

Good luck!

Claire, Jelena, Vanessa, and Tim

On behalf of The Great Celo Stake Off team

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