How to Add NFT to celo wallet

Good evening

I was using app (my NFT from Google store) for creating NFT on celo network

I put my wallet name to transfer this NFT to my wallet

I cant find this NFT in my wallet.

Is It possibile to see NFT in wallet?
Or how i can Add NFT to wallet? Where i can make price for NFT

@annaalexa may u know some education video where i can see how to create and manage work with celo NFT ?

Thank u

Hi @alchemy! You can check out all of the NFT related resources on our NFT hub

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Mintdropz have some error during registration

Do u know some other app for managing NFT?

Hi @alchemy please meet @nraghuveera who can help intro you to Mash who leads all of our NFT initiatives and other NFT founders in the Ecosystem.

Also can give you some direction on building an NFT community proposal.

This is separate proposal , where i want to build on my website market place where i can sale my media like music, video, books, NFT

Good evening @nraghuveera.
Can u please let me know
Which application s i can use to create and manage NFT?

Hi! Thanks for reaching out. Could you clarify here a bit. What wallet are you using to see your NFT? Valora has an NFT viewer as does the mobile Metamask wallet.

Regarding Mintdropz, were you trying to create a trial account? I’m looping in Mash as well and finding out more here. In the meantime, would also recommend checking our Discord channel where there are other NFT builders who may be able to talk through and troubleshoot based on their experiences Celo. There’s also a few active marketplaces on Celo so folks there will be able to speak on how you can plug into those if it makes sense for what you hope to do.

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Hey @alchemy which wallet are you using?

Yes i tried trial version mintdropz

In Valora i found NFT finally

In celo.wallet in browser there still no NFT

Which marketplace to sell NFT on Celo i can find? in browser

Yeah is not designed for NFTs.

For NFT marketplaces there’s a few including Ariswap and Cyberbox. If you haven’t yet, would def recommend sending a message in the Celo NFT Discord group. Folks across the Celo ecosystem there may also be working on new marketplaces that you can plug into.