Find a mentor / mentee for The Great Celo Stake Off

Hi. We are team LoveCelo, from Recife/Brazil (GMT -3:00) and we would love to find a mentor team to help us in the challenge.


Hi Celo community!
We are “dsrv labs” from South Korea and would like to participate in TGCSO as a mentor. We have been running nodes as a validator for other Proof-of-Stake blockchain projects and have actively participated in the Korean Ethereum community from the early stage as code contributors, content writers, technical translators, meetup organizers, crypto-exchange operators & listings. In addition, we have experience launching an Istanbul BFT-based-blockchain through Kakao Klaytn.

We are happy to assist anyone who we can help during TGCSO, but it would be easier to communicate if we can find a buddy who is located not too many timezones away. Our location and timezone is Seoul, South Korea (GMT+9). Please let us know if this meets your interest. We’re definitely looking forward to Staking Off! Thanks.


Noted! We’re excited to have you join. Look out for an email on Monday (Dec 2nd) that will include your mentor matching!

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Hi, I am looking for a mentor or collaborator for the stake-off.

i) Product MGMT/Data analytics and a developer.
ii) Experience with staking as token holder in other networks
iii) Limited experience running node


Hi :wave:

This is Chris and I run Chainflow. I’d be glad to mentor a Stake Off participant. Please contact me here if you’re interested.

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@cjremus like your website mate – I would like to get some pointers as well – will send you an email to get started – thank you

Het Chris, I sent you your mentee. Let me know if you haven’t received it. :slight_smile:

PK we have you down for the program, but currently looking for someone in a similar timezone! If you already have a mentee that’s great! But please let us know to ensure we don’t overlap mentors (only one mentor <> mentee match).

Hi, we’re looking for a mentor to take part in the event. The time range is in APAC, Singpore and Tokyo
We’re an experienced validator on other chains such as Tezos and Cosmos

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Have you registered? I can connect you with a mentor directly through email.

yes we have, and we will send an email. Thank you

How did you send the info?

(So many communications channels, so little time/attention to keep an eye on all of them at all times :sweat_smile:)

Definitely understand! Should have receive in your email. Let me know if you haven’t - I can resend.

I received it, thank you. It turns out that mentee misunderstood the program’s intent and decided to go solo.

A couple people have contacted me directly. Should I work with one of them or wait for you to assign a new mentee to me?

Hi @amy and the Crew,
Ztake team is interested to join the Stake Off challenge as a mentor.
We have multiple people on our team available to help but it would most likely be me or Roman.

Both of us have experience in operating nodes in production including projects like Cosmos, Chainlink and Kovan Network.


@cjremus - Feel free to connect with one directly if they don’t have a mentor already (only one mentor/mentee per match). Please let me know who you end up connecting with :slight_smile:

Hello everyone, my name is Bijan and I would appreciate a mentor for running a validating node. Looking for someone I can readily bounce questions off of.


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I’m still looking for a mentee. Please let me know if you have any candidates I can connect with before the Stake Off kicks-off again :slight_smile:

Hello Celos!

I am “OneNode” from Korea and would love to help any participant in TGCSO.
We have been on the 3rd rank in this “Learn to Cook” period.

Location : South Korea GMT+9
Look for : Mentee

Reach us out anyone who needs help for the competition.

Thank you!

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The mentorship pairing is officially closed!

As a reminder, supporting chefs (mentors), will receive an additional 5% of the mentee’s total BTUs (at the end of the TGCSO) added to their BTUs. This will not affect mentee’s BTUs.

To confirm your pairing, send an email to by Friday, January 17th at 23:00 UTC with

  • Mentor and mentee validator addresses specifying who is who
  • Put the mentor/mentee on copy

Once your pair is confirmed, the TGCSO organizing team will add the 5% BTUs boost to the leaderboard. Mentors and mentees changed after this date will not be included as part of the program. Additional information:

  • Details on how BTUs are calculated is at 39:42 of the Info Session Webinar video.
  • Only one mentor per mentee, but helping the greater validator community through answering questions on discord and forum can earn you the chance to receive Mainnet Celo Gold (not Baklava testnet Celo Gold, cGLD) as a Community Helper. You can read more details on the Incentivized Community Challenges.
  • Any remaining mentees who would like support can receive mentorship from a C Labs team member.

Feel free to reach out on with any questions or comments!

All the best,
The Great Celo Stake Off Team