Celo Thailand H1 2024 | Regional DAO [DRAFT]

1. Funding Request: Celo Thailand DAO H1 2024
2. Authors: Varin Pulpol, Parnaigon Yangpaksi
3. Budget Request: $39,300 cUSD
4. Proposal Type: CPG Funding Request | Regional DAO

5. Summary:

This proposal seeks to allocate funding of 39,300 cUSD to the Celo Thailand DAO, covering the period from March 1st, 2024, to July 30th, 2024. The goal is to broaden awareness of Celo throughout Thailand and to deepen connections among the Crypto Community. It aims to enhance understanding and raise awareness about the significance of Web3 in Thailand. During the first half of the year, we plan to focus on three key initiatives: 1. Localizing Content to cater to regional preferences, 2. Expanding our Community and engaging with universities, and 3. Enhancing Public Relations and Educational Content. Additionally, we will explore Partnerships and Product development.

6. Motivation: The Unparalleled Opportunity for Celo in Thailand

6.1 Crypto Landscape in Thailand:

In Thailand, 44% of the population is familiar with cryptocurrencies, witnessing a 600% surge in trading volume between November 2020 and April 2021. The per capita crypto ownership ratio is 20.1%, twice the global average.

6.2 Celo’s Opportunity:

Celo faces an opportunity in Thailand as it is not widely recognized among crypto enthusiasts despite its presence. With 77% of the Thai population having internet access and ranking second globally in mobile internet usage, Celo’s mobile-first blockchain technology is well-suited for the country’s high mobile usage.

6.3 Objectives for Thailand:

  • Educate and Engage: Collaborate with local influencers and tech communities for Celo’s advantages, and we will work with these KOLs and local communities to promote Celo.
  • Ongoing Outreach: Extending our discussions with local companies and universities’ blockchain clubs who are keen on crypto education and adoption.
  • User-friendly Access: Encourage Celo tokens to be readily available on Thai local exchanges, Thailand’s leading CEX, through our business development effort.
  • Community Building: Establish a solid and lasting Celo community in Thailand.

7. Specifications: What is Celo Thailand DAO Os Going to Execute?

7.1 Focus Area 1: localization Segment

  • Create a Celo-specific AI assistance to answer questions regarding Celo in the native Thai language and other languages on Chatroom.
  • Localize all Celo’s announcements, ecosystem updates, and products for Thai audiences.
  • Leverage localized social media and platforms for effective content distribution.

7.2 Focus Area 2 - Community Buildup & University Reachout Segment

  • Sponsor and reach out to Thai universities with physical and virtual events with local Thai Ethereum communities (Preparing to work leading up to Devcon in Thailand in November 2024)
  • Encourage and advocate students’ project grants targeting grassroots universities’ blockchain-related clubs in Thailand for education and awareness.
  • Establish robust crypto communities in Thailand through meetups, workshops, and virtual chat communities.
  • Engage the community with regular updates, AMAs, trivia, and quizzes about Celo.

7.3 Focus Area 3 - PR and Education Content Segment

  • Advocate confidence and establishment of Celo advantages among Thai crypto communities
  • Create and distribute original content and deep drive reviews, contributing to the Celo ecosystem with well-established local brands and communities

7.4 Focus Area 4 - Partnerships and Products Segment

  • Identify local partners and engage in cross-promotion and resource-sharing.
  • Forge meaningful relationships with local partners and crypto communities in Thailand.

8. Budget and Feasibility for 5 months of Celo Thailand DAO:

1 Milestone: Content Localization

Allocation Breakdown ROI and Key Results
$2,000 Document translation services tailored to the Thai language and market nuances 50 contents translated to Thai to build Celo awareness
$1,700 Creation and promotion of culturally resonant content on Thai social media channels Est. total Views: 400,000Est. total engagement: 50,000
SUM $3,700 Total for 6 months for Celo Thailand DAO
  • Document translation services tailored to the Thai language and market nuances.
  • Create & Promote the Celo ecosystem related to social media platforms like Medium, Twitter (X), and Telegram.

2 Milestone: Community Building & University Reachout

Allocation Breakdown ROI and Key Results
$2,400 Setup and management of community platforms and Social Media on Thai Telegram, Twitter and/or Line, etc. (including 1 community group, 1 news channel, and 1 Social Media)* $400 of setting up cost* $400 of operation cost per month (total $ for 5 months for Telegram, Twitter) * 400+ Thai Local People Telegram members* 1,000+ followers on Twitter
$3,800 Expenses for Thai physical and/or online community meet-up events for the whole 5 months of budgeting, net cost included all costs for setting up, renting the place, or inviting the guests. * 1 Community Meetup 50+ in-person participants* 1 online virtual events AMA, CeloSpace in Thai
$3,100 The budget allocation for university outreach is designed to cover 3-5 universities along with local Ethereum Communities, specifically ETH Padthai. * At least 1 club official partner *At least 3 universities outreach
SUM $9,300 Total for 5 months for Celo Thailand DAO
  • Reach out to universities and web 2.0 developer communities to encourage people to build on Celo for real-world use cases.
  • Setup and management of community platforms on Thai Telegram or Line.
  • Regular engagement activities tailored for the Thai community, for example, Celo Webinar, AMAs, Quizzes, and specific to Celo

3 Milestone: PR and Education Content

Allocation Breakdown ROI and Key Results
$2,400 Creation of high-quality Thai PR content highlighting Celo’s activities 30+ Key visual and media production
$1,400 Development and design of educational resources catered to the Thai market Market research and key audience for the Thai market
SUM $3,800 Total for 5 months for Celo Thailand DAO
  • Creation of high-quality Thai PR content highlighting Celo’s activities.
  • Developed and designed educational resources catered to the Thai market.

4 Milestone: Partnerships/Products

Allocation Breakdown ROI and Key Results
$2,250 Partnership with existing Thai Communities and KOLs Celo whole ecosystem content with existing communities & KOLs
$2,250 Expenses related to the establishment of strategic partnerships with Thai Establishments or cooperation major strategic partnership with Thai entities
SUM $4,500 Total for 5 months for Celo Thailand DAO
  • Market research for identifying potential Thai partners.
  • Expenses related to the establishment of strategic partnerships with Thai entities.

5 Operational Costs:

Allocation Breakdown
$18,000 2 main contributors and 2 staff employees for 5 months
SUM $18,000 Total for 5 months for Celo Thailand DAO
  • 2 main contributors 2 staff employees for 6 months

9. Key Metrics and Monitoring Plan

9.1 Strategic Goals and Measurable Outcomes:

  • Clearly laid out objectives with measurable outcomes.

9.2 Financial Transparency:

  • Multisignature account for security.
  • A comprehensive report of finance and spending.

9.3 Key Learning and Development:

  • Transparent view into the journey of establishing vibrant web 3.0 Celo communities in Thailand.

9.4 Community Growth Report:

  • The unified report detailing performance, results, and metrics related to community growth in Thailand.

9.5 Structure & Multi-Sig:

  • Multisignature (multisig) account wallet for financial operations: 0x2e598Ab8484c8F5a115b06bBAc2C2Ae8Ab29bf41
Role Name Celo Wallet
Lead / Operations Varin Pulpol 0xb791cd0A3501e60798Cb477FD69406F5422BB25c
Lead / Strategy Parnaigon Yangpaksi 0xf2987Db184B298ab9810639536a9dEF1e4d365B5
Advisor Numporn Thungphotrakul 0x7cf81307c3142a165531d2b2bf17f87a367f95c7

This proposal outlines a strategic plan for Celo’s expansion in Thailand. It focuses on content localization, community building, university outreach, public relations, educational content, and local establishment partnerships. The budget is allocated across milestones, ensuring transparency and measurable outcomes.

10. Core Team Background

Varin Pulpol – Celo Ambassador Thailand, ImmortalX Moderator, Former FTTDAO Thailand Lead, Master’s in Blockchain at ZIGURAT Institute of Technology & IL3 - Universitat de Barcelona in Spain, Master’s in Digital Economy at Rangsit University in Thailand, Master’s in Digital Education Management at GBSB Global Business School in Switzerland, Ph.D. Candidate in Digital Economy at Rangsit University in Thailand.

Parnaigon Yangpaksi - Core Team - ethpadthai.org, Core Team - The Mu @themu_xyz, Ecosystem Ambassador - Aleo, Bachelor of Arts in International Relations - UCLA

11. Resources

Celo Thailand Twitter (X) - https://twitter.com/celo_thailand
Celo Thailand Telegram - Telegram: Contact @Celo_Thailand


Hello @Vow personally I am really excited about this proposal :raised_hands:

From my work point of view:

  • I have full confidence in Vow’s commitment to this initiative, having closely observed their work. However, I recommend considering the implementation of new Governance Guidelines before proceeding.

  • Just curious about this past proposal Celo South East Asia (“SEA”) DAO Proposal why you reduce the scope and remove Vietnam?

  • Additionally, a multisign of 2/3 might be a more secure choice compared to a multisign of only two. It could enhance the overall security and decision-making process.

Looking forward to the success of this proposal with these considerations in mind.


It’s a good proposal i believe it deserves more funding

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Hi @Vow - thanks for taking the time to create this proposal!

Applying for Celo Public Goods Funding
You’re likely aware that you can apply for Celo Public Goods funding under the Regional DAO strategy. We’ve just published a thread with more information here and created a Public Goods Funding Wiki to provide more guidelines. I propose adding [DRAFT] to the Title of your Forum Thread and updating that to [FINAL] when you believe you’ve incorporated feedback and would like to progress toward a vote.

Feedback on the proposal
Overall, I like the direction of the proposal, am happy to see you’ve already contributed to Celo, and believe Thailand to be an essential region - especially with DevCon taking place there this year.

Some elements I feel could use some more clarity or changes are:

  • $3,100 for University outreach seems high compared to your meetup budget; I would rather see more meetups or focus on 1 / 2 specific universities and hosting things there.
  • Can you share more of an example you have in mind for a strategic partnership with a Thai entity?
  • From my understanding, the team would receive a share of the budgets specified in each line item. Can you provide more details on the operational budget you set at the end?




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Hello Juan,

Thank you immensely for your suggestion and for the encouragement. In response to the community’s advice, we’re bringing in an additional member to our multisig setup to bolster both security and the decision-making framework.

This initiative is currently tailored exclusively for Thailand, as our aim is to leverage the local resources at our disposal to the fullest. We’re of the belief that DAOs in other nations have the autonomy to craft proposals that best suit their unique contexts. This approach, we reckon, streamlines efficiency and effectiveness on a country-by-country basis.

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Hello @LuukDAO ,

First and foremost, I want to extend my deepest gratitude for your valuable suggestion and the positive spirit behind it. Your input is greatly appreciated and plays a crucial role in our planning.

The budget allocation of 3,100 for university outreach is designed to cover 3-5 engagements with local Ethereum Communities, specifically ETH Padthai. This initiative is a preparatory step towards supporting Devcon in Bangkok this coming November. We believe involving Celo in these activities, especially in collaboration with the Thai Ethereum community, could significantly enhance Celo’s visibility among university students yet to explore the web3 space.

As for partnerships, we’re eager to introduce Celo to these platforms’ users, given Celo’s presence on local Thai Centralized exchanges. This demographic significantly outnumbers those not using CEX, presenting a valuable opportunity for promotion. Additionally, we plan to collaborate with local entities like ContributionDAO and ETH Padthai, amongst others, to amplify Celo’s presence and build its brand reputation within Thailand’s existing Web 3.0 user base.

Lastly, I’d like to clarify that the team will not receive a portion of this specific budget line but will be compensated monthly. This structure ensures that we focus on effectively deploying resources for maximum impact.

Again, thank you for your support and trust in us. We look forward to making the most of these opportunities and contributing to Celo’s growth in our community.

Warm regards,

Varin Pulpol (Vow)

@LuukDAO @juanjgiraldoc
I tried to edit the draft but realized I couldn’t. It seems that the permission to edit content is reserved for the Moderators of the Celo Forum. Therefore, I would like to update and add additional information here for those who will have the right to participate in the Multisig, increasing it to 2/3 in this comment.

Multisignature (multisig) account wallet for financial operations: 0x2e598Ab8484c8F5a115b06bBAc2C2Ae8Ab29bf41

Role Name Celo Wallet
Lead / Operations Varin Pulpol 0xb791cd0A3501e60798Cb477FD69406F5422BB25c
Lead / Strategy Parnaigon Yangpaksi 0xf2987Db184B298ab9810639536a9dEF1e4d365B5
Advisor Numporn Thungphotrakul 0x7cf81307c3142a165531d2b2bf17f87a367f95c7